My votes for 9th Popularity Poll

Is anyone up for a match of Hisoutensoku? It’s been a long time since I practiced.


Tenshi (2)

It was very hard to pick just 5. However, it was undeniably easy to pick my marked one. Tenshi, it had to be Tenshi. Not to mention I personally seemingly became more of a masochist myself, but that’s another story.


Tenshi, cute and somewhat flat chested but enough to tell that its actually a girl despite the fact that she’s a Touhou character. My main in Hisoutensoku and SWR and containing my favorite 3 cost spell card. With long blue hair and a beautiful outfit, I just had to pick Tenshi this time.

Yuuka, she’s always been one of my favorites. Even though I pretty much love all of them. Either her kind caring fanon side or her hint hint, sadistic fanon/canon side. They all show to make a entertaining and hilarious character that I wish I could get more of. The best part is if she’s in a romance and then I can’t wait to find out what happens next when artists draw her.

Rumia, So~ nanoka~. Darkness youkai, although not many people favorites because Stage 1 bosses are usually ignored unless the play some kind of major part. Playful and sometimes depicted as childish. Her serious side, EX-side, intelligent side, or basically Trollololol side, I love them all.

Alice, AlixMari / MarixAli is and will always be the best pairing for me. It’s a classic the two magicians being together. It’s a shame its nothing canon for the most they did was get involved with each other in a multitude of games such as PCB, IaMP, IN, SWR and so on. I haven’t seen many of this pairing too much lately, its a shame. I’d love to see Alice try to express her love more later though.

Reimu, always the first and the main character. Poverty or Troll Reimu from Shino’s perspective. Always the center of attention and seemingly the most saddened one out of all of them if you think about what she has to go though.

There was many who I easily considered, such as Koishi and Marisa. But I sadly can’t fit all of them in my vote. So maybe next time.


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