Touhou Update – Koumajou Densetsu II Stranger’s Requiem

I didn’t look at too many sites, but I can’t believe I couldn’t find one picture that involved every character in Koumajou Densetsu II. A saddening part is that I didn’t get to see what Cirno would of looked like in Koumajou Densetsu II because she wasn’t in the game. But I realize that I’m probably making no sense right now to anyone who hasn’t played the game yet.

The picture is the cover of the game. If your having trouble recognizing the characters then good. A important aspect to Koumajou Densetsu is that the representation of all the characters are both unique and gothic looking. You can easily find cosplayers that would be wearing the gothic alternate art clothing even now, about a year after the release.

But, I’m getting off topic. The picture is Sakuya, the one staring at you, holding a knife in one hand as a chain is wrapped around it while the other end of the chain there’s a pocket watch which is held by her opposite hand. Looking above Sakuya, you can see Reimu and Yukari in the darkness. The rest is mostly forest, flowers, bats, the red full moon along with a castle out in the distance.

Now, the trial for this game was first released at Reitaisai SP. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term Reitaisai it’s a convention focused exclusively on Touhou material. Outside of Comiket, it’s probably the most talked about when in regards releases of Touhou doujins. While the full version was released on C79.

Koumajou Densetsu is a Castlevania-like game made by Frontier Aja which continues off the first Koumajou Densetsu with a different story-line that play several months after the first game. Unlike the first game the main character is Sakuya, where in the first game it was Reimu.

I’m honestly not too sure how much of the main story I should give away. I actually finished this game, on all difficulties of a matter of fact.

One thing that noticeably sets this apart from most doujin works is that the whole thing is voiced by professional Seiyuu or voice actors. I do mean the whole thing, it has been a year since I actually did a full play-through of it but by my memory everything was voiced. Every line of text, even though it wasn’t very text heavy. Along with Sakuya’s attacks, when she takes damage and same for the bosses as well.

I also personally found that the opening to the game became rather popular as well in generally promoting the game itself. Its sung by Chata, do you know who Chata is? You should.

After you finish the game, you unlock Omakes which are generally entertaining scenes between various characters. This can be unlocked by finishing the game on any difficulty, even easy. If the game is proving hard for you, then you can literally go to the options and set yourself to have 20 continues.

By now you should of watched the video, and saw a representation of all the characters. So now I don’t feel bad spoiling it anymore. The characters you’ll see are all in the OP. Listing them out for you, Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Yukari, Yuyuko, Youmu, Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli, Chen, Ran, Flandre and Komachi. Did I miss anyone…? I don’t think so.

Oh, they also released a album with all the sound tracks from the game so pick that up if your interested.

Usually, I’m not supposed to promote piracy, but as long as you guys show your support or buy the game eventually its all fine I guess.

In regards to the first, I have to say the game-play is much more refined. The flaws in the first one was pretty much all fixed in this one and the aspects improved. Like the hit boxes, the art-work. Its all just really amazing, I have to say try it out yourself.

You might want to try the first one out first though. But the 2nd one is such a improvement. I don’t wish to spoil any of it, so I’ll just leave it at that. There are hints towards a IN-based sequel, so perhaps you can look forward to that.






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