Character Profiles – Ninja Goemon

Today is a character profile on Ninja Goemon. I was going to do this earlier today, but I could never feel damned to start anything anymore. Mostly because I’m partially sick and I really feel bad. I did meet with a old friend today, listened to her so I guess that’s a + in a way?

So, in regards to Goemon. Definitely a strong girl, with a bit of a soft side that she doesn’t show too often. Popular and often the center of attention in her group, but often she gets sick of the attention and hangs out in solitude on the roof top or something. Valuing her independence she goes where she likes and its really hard to keep track of where she is at one given time.  As a matter of fact if you do happen to look and come upon her, she might of actually found you instead of the other way around.

Amazing intuition and a genius mind. She doesn’t often attend things, but she always knows the proper thing to do in a situation coming up with solutions that no one would ever dream would ever work. Despite this, she doesn’t have a job. On occasions she’ll play the piano for people but that’s volunteering. Without any practice, she’s amazing at it but never looks to seek for a profession.

People often talk about her having connections which is why she could live such a life without having a single job. Generous and go-lucky, there isn’t a single person that dislikes her.

She does often pull pranks and cause trouble for her amusement, but she’d never go far enough in them to end up hurting someone. In other words, the older sister type. Also a fondness for cute things. Amazing talent in everything she does. And therefore, I think this image is most fitting.




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