Today was well spent, I guess. It’s nice making pieces of art. I’m drawing Mystia Lorelei right now as a matter of fact.

I’ve been playing more and more Dota. People should really give more compliments to each other. Its interesting how far a little inspiration can go. To have someone like and acknowledge your work is a great feeling. Also having friends is a great feeling that’s often taken for granted. But, I don’t like telling people that they’re taking something for granted because I’m probably taking things I haven’t thought about for granted too. Not to mention we really shouldn’t force people to live one way unless thehy’re doing harm to someone else.

But isn’t that just ranting? I guess, since this is a lazy post that I’m trying to finish. Tomorrow’s post will probably involve a character profile for Ninja Goemon.

Does anyone else know that feeling when you aren’t listening to music and when you are its almost the same state? Or how able when you reflexively click to repeat the music but hardly notice it yourself. Or maybe its just so natural that you tend to figure it a few seconds later. Either way works. I wonder why humans or just me is like that way. This could be interesting to look into.


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