Character Profile – Lucci

I was going to change the name to Lucy, but then I didn’t like seeing that name. So, Lucci it was. How do I see Lucci? Well, taht’s a interesting question. First, there’s several aspects I should address in that.

1) Quiet.

I’m starting to feel it’s a common norm to relate people who read books as rather quiet as first but end up having a lot to say. Lucci will be definitely the quiet time, but not the one to give you the cold shoulder. She can definitely hold up a conversation, but you shouldn’t expect more then a few words response unless she grew close to you. Sometimes she may not even respond due to a lack of things to respond with.

2) Book-Reader

I figured Lucci would be reading novels and books fairly often. Someone who’s holed up in their room or library more then running around doing social or physical activities. She’ll definitely recommend books to her friends if they ask. But she isn’t one to mention too much of her feelings or take the first step.

3) Glasses

What kind of book-reader doesn’t have glasses! It’s just a necessity.

Therefore, with those three points in mind you get Lucci, or this is how you should picture her.

Blackish hair, mature appearance. Despite the fact that her clothes are in a bit of a disarray.


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