Donations please, in other words. Please PM me!!

I can’t help but feel a bit lonely seeing how I haven’t gotten a single PM regarding my blog, not that I actually expected my blog to go anywhere. The constant viewers I get is enough I suppose. But, if one of you guys could just leave a request every now and then that doesn’t involve me to show my chest in any way shape or form then that’d be nice.

Although to be honest, that’s not really my main concern. It’s 10:45 and I just realized that I haven’t done a post here today, so I’m just doing another over-view. I would of done a character profile on SirDragonite from Pojo, but I figured I’d put that off until I could find a proper picture to fit her.

Regarding, ‘Let’s play Pojo Phoenix Wright’. It’s having some non-existent progress. I’m at the point where I should really find some conclusion to the murder, but I really have no clue where to start. It’s not really something I can build from the beginning because then it just seems like I was hooking for a resolution by simply presenting new random facts that was unrelated to get a conclusion to a trial at hand. And for this, any thoughts or inspiration would be nice.


2 responses to “Donations please, in other words. Please PM me!!

  1. Let’s Play Touhou Games (like EoSD)? Those would be nice, even if you suck at Bullet Hells (cause I sure do, I uploaded one on my channel and it’s an epic fail). Do it upp~ =D

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