User Profile – SavrCosmicFighter

Every blog post of mine should start with some kind of Touhou related picture, so here you go. That good? I think so.

So, I’ve been making Pojo Fan fictions, as my friend calls them for quite some while now. Yet, I can’t be bothered to actually keep any essence of personality in my characters. After all, they seem to change completely every chapter that they may actually show up in and that chapter is usually about whatever I’m feeling about at the moment. In other words it’s just a mess. Should I start actually recording how I feel like the respective Pojo characters should be like? Chance is I’ll get sick of this once I finish this post but lets see anyways.

I’m going to start with SavrCosmicFighter. Our fellow admin on Duelingnetwork and regular on the DN ranting topic on Pojo. Contrary to who she might actually be, I’d prefer if in the fan fictions she’d be a kind and caring senpai. Often putting all the work onto herself whenever someone doesn’t want something. I guess she’s generally the type to take the fall and carry that person’s work until they are ready. And even then.

Always smiling and concerned for people, she’s also quite the natural beauty. I asked my friend to get me a anime character of such description because I didn’t want to use Touhou characters for Pojo users to be honest. And so, for Savr I’ll be using a picture of Miyanokouji Mizuho.

If you were going to picture Savr, then you should probably picture something like this. Cute don’t you think? At any rate, regarding Savr she’ll be in my latest fiction work on the line. Regarding, Let’s Play Pojo Phoenix Wright. Which is probably too long to ever get finished but I’ll see to it eventually.


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