You know that feeling when?

You know that feeling when you really want to do something but you can’t do it in public? Nope, don’t know what that is. I’ll work on the Pojo Love Chart on the weekend and see how that goes. The ban list is already out somewhere and it’s probably going to get leaked within the next few days. I for one hope that things go down in price while nostalgic cards such as Dark Hole and Monster Reborn actually stay in the game. It just wouldn’t feel the same if games were literally a matter of who opened up the best? You need at least something to turn it around you know? Well although I haven’t been doing much regarding it, I’m a Lightsworn player. Despite me rather not wanting to spend 35$ dollars on a Ulti Glow-up Bulb. Until then, Common OCG version.

Yet, I can’t sake the feeling that there may be some new found potential in Lightsworns. More so with the ban list coming up, Konami has already seen the impact that Lightsworns have, so even moving Gardna up one or Lumina to 2, would make things a lot more fun and we might see competitive Lightsworns coming back. There’s also all the new boss monsters, but unless we have some shake varients they are still inferior to JD.

People often say they win with LS without JD. Sure, that’s all well and good, but then I look at their build and realize there’s little potential for much boss monsters at all. You won by simple Jain beat-down? What kind of deck was your opponent running and how much credibility does your statement hold? I mean I realize JD is simply a luxury but really?

Of course, the card that caught my attention is Lightray Gearfried, a inferior JD with similar but more generic summoning conditions. I’m seeing a pattern between huge big monsters that are level 8 and can be special summoned from the hand. Perhaps we’d get a reprint on Trade-In and Beckoning. Well at the very least, with the proper set-up a Beckoning with a Honest back, BLS back, JDs back and this guy back is definitely GG. Or maybe your blood will scatter all over this blog. Rumia will make it happen.


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