Free Food is the Best~!

Did I mention that Reimu was extremely poor and it’s a miracle how she can still live alone because her shrine gets destroyed every other game and never gets any donations? Even in the picture she’s crying due to happiness because it’s probably her first meal in weeks or days. I feel so sorry for her, I’d donate everything I have if it meant for her to be happy. Even so simple things, come on Marisa and Yukari! Do something, or Remilia. You have a lot of money right?

At any rate, because of her poor situations, it’s often a pun to represent her as really poor. Despite it being sad, at times its also amusing but heart-breaking. At any rate, it definitely makes any Touhou fan feel for her at least.

Today was Valentines day, or Single Awareness Day, whichever you prefer. I got a lot of chocolates from some of my female friends and some free food. Which is extremely nice when your skipping meals to save money.

What am I saving money for? Maybe these sleeves.

They look so cute, and I definitely want them. 40$ is a lot to pay for sleeves, so I’ll see later. I could, but I would feel iffy about it.


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