Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow~!

Today is Feb, 13. At least it is where I live right now. Which means tomorrow is Valentines day, and I know how much some people wish they want to get chocolates from their special girl on that day. If I could, I’d like to give chocolates to everyone, but sadly that’s not within my abilities. I don’t even have anyone special I’d want to give them too right now. Maybe, Ness would be a nice option, but then she better give me double for White Day. Star Sapphire is winking, I wonder if they made all of those by themselves.

I know most of my online friends will be hiding up in the rooms depressed because they didn’t get chocolate again this year, but remember you’re all still awesome~.  Even though, I don’t have anyone to give it too, I might as well make chocolate anyways, but wouldn’t that be too much effort since I wouldn’t even eat it myself? I might as well give it to my friends and see how that goes.

Its probably better if I just draw a picture regarding Valentines day though, but I’m sure most people would like to forget this day, eheh. Or as my friend calls it, ‘Single Awareness Day’.

But if the post ended like this it’d be pretty boring so let’s see what some people say about it.

“It’s pink.”

“Awesome if you’ve been dating someone for a while. Sucks for everyone else.”

“Ahh, when will I be more interested in love.”


“Valentines day sucks.”

Sounds about right.


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