Forever alone.


Bored, and my friends are all playing games which are too good for my computer. I mean I would do something productive, but I really can’t get in the mood since I never really get a chance to truly enjoy myself anymore. A lot of other people are probably the same though, so sad.


Joenen: N-no.. Onee-chan, don’t leave me! I’m sorry, but the doctor won’t help us unless we have money. Wahhh…

Tri Fox: I-It’ll be fine… I’m *Cough*. Ah, I’m so tired…

Joenen: Let me close up the tent, there’s hardly any room in here… and it’s made by patched up rags, but it was the best I can do… I’m sorry Onee-chan.

Tri Fox: It’s fine… after all, this is all my fault. Those investments I made, I thought we’d.. *cough*, be living a great life. We ended up going into debt and had to sell everything off and we got kicked off our property. And now, I got sick and I can’t even protect you, Joenen.

Joenen: No! It’s not your fault. If anyone blame me. If it wasn’t for me… you only wanted to make money so you could buy tickets to go see my favorite band together. If I wasn’t so selfish, if… I didn’t…

Tri Fox: I’m sorry I couldn’t get you those tickets… I just ended up making more trouble for you.. *Cough cough*, A-ah..

Joenen: W-wah! I’ll go get you another wet towel, where’s the river… please just hang on. I can’t think about life without you, Onee-chan.

Tri Fox: Joenen… I’m sorry…

Joenen ran out into the forest, soaking a new towel with water from a stream and went back into the tent.

Joenen: I’m bac-. A-aa… AHHHHHHH!

Tri Fox was sprawled in the tent, under Joenen’s jacket which was acting as a bed sheet to keep her warm. She wasn’t moving as blood covered the tent.

Joenen: Onee-chan… Onee-chan… AHHHHHH! ONEE-CHANNNN!! W-why! You weren’t supposed to leave me, come back, come back!

Tri Fox: What are you talking about?

Joenen: ..H-huh?

*Joenen wakes up and opens her eyes seeing Tri Fox looking curiously at her*.

Joenen: Tri Fox… Tri Fox…

Tri Fox: Eh?

Joenen jumped out of bed and hugged Tri Fox tightly as they both flew to the ground. I’m so glad… I don’t know what I would of done without you. It was all just a nightmare.. a nightmare… The house, Tri Fox… Everything is the way it was…

Tri Fox: Jeez, what’s with you… *Patting Joenen on the head softly*

Joenen: …Nothing, I’m just so glad your here.

Tri Fox: Ah, well. I was just coming to wake you up. Did you forget, we’re going go have some fun? Come on, and get dressed! I already prepared everything.

Joenen: Where are we going?

Tri Fox: Did you forget? I finally got my pay-check today, and the concert is today!

Joenen: You don’t mean…

Tri Fox: We’re going to go to the concert for your favorite band, it’s a one in a life time chance, since they’ll only be here today!

Joenen: Onee-chan.. Thank you, and… I love you. Your so amazing.

Tri Fox: *Simply pets Joenen on the head with a smile*.



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