Loli of all trades, profession = All, Master = None.

I’m starting to lose faith in my ability to Yu-gi-oh. Maybe it’s because I never really put a serious attempt to it lately.

I was lazy today, so I asked someone else to make the blog post for me today. It’s a nice change of pace. Credits and thanks to 133T.


Sup blog! I suppose I’m to write a small thingy for you guys.

So I go to school with a bunch of minuses it seems…

Somebody was trying to convince me that Painful Choice/Graceful Charity wasn’t broken. Every sort of way I could have debunked them, they just said something STUPIDER than last time. I honestly don’t see how they can’t grasp the concept of “This card is broken in the meta, why don’t we do something about it,” and they just say “I wanna use it so unban it.” Bunch of stupidity…

Another person came in challenging me (on multiple occasion) to a duel, talking so much trash that it got to the point where it was annoying. I managed to 4-0 him with either of my decks (Karakuri and Anti-Meta), and then he kept pestering me to give him my Trishula/Extra deck! What is up with people nowadays…

In other news, I’m gonna start working on Yakumo Ran (Touhouvania ver.) for Fanime during the 3rd week of May. It will be my first time Crossplaying, and the first time in a few months that I will have cosplayed. I’m looking forward to it, as well as seeing how I look with all that make-up…

Dunno if this is good, I’m sure it’s over 200 words.


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