Newest story

It’s been a while since I done one, and with my terrible day at school, I suppose I managed to pull some inspiration though.

I do have a lot of work to do right now, so I’ll keep this short. I’ll promise to make this longer on less busier days, but I have extra work to do, procrastination? Not really, more like everyone happened to give massive amounts of works on the same day. But that’s how it is, no mercy from teachers and everyone just seems to make things harder.

What to talk about.. what to talk about… Uhm, sure the picture why not.

The artist is Chorin, I only really put up pictures that catch my attention. I like the way this artist draws his/her art. It looks like the netherworld, of course it could be somewhere else as well. As for the characters in the art its Youmu and Yuyuko, from right to left. 5th and 6th stage bosses of Touhou 7, Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Youmu is half ghost and half human, although ironically canonically afraid of ghosts. Her most famous line is probably, the things that her sword can’t cut, are next to none.

Yuyuko is fanon is a lazy ghost who generally just sits around and eats a lot. Who makes the food? Youmu. In that relation, she’s good friends with Yukari usually and they are easily relate-able.

Despite Youmu taking care of the gardens, she’s also almost always some form of doing maid-work in fanon. Despite not actually being a maid. I say despite a lot, I should probably stop.


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