I went back home and came on to see that there was one huge spike in viewers during a certain hour. Did someone just mass-click the refresh button? Weird. My teachers are the greatest though, tests after tests. Don’t we get any time to study? Or are we expected to study enough between periods. Yu-gi-oh trading is amazing, how often you see people arguing for high-trade value cards. I don’t know if I should praise these people for their passions or what.

Word count isn’t working, so let’s just wait and see. I checked out tumblr like my friend wanted me too a few months back. It’s like a 2nd 4chan, in a way. Everyone is posting up pictures and its hard to find a serious blog. I suppose you can’t rely on people to be devoted on something. With everything around, I’m hardly keeping up with my quota per day. Yet, most people do 1 post a week on their blogs. I can’t do that, I hardly have people coming here as it is.

I’m rather tired of all these Random Topic, well uhh. Topics. Their all so depressing and negatives. I know the world isn’t a pile of roses, but seriously? It’s just a balance of it being posted and people getting it locked. No opinions are changed and people are just resolute to their opinions. Or is that a redundant sentence.

I can’t wait until Sword Girls is out, having a browser card game sounds pretty nice. From my previous experience with browser MMOs they looked terrible but this one seems to have potential. I think I’m going to start viewing their forums, maybe I should make a name for myself a little bit.

 Today’s picture features Medicine Melancholy, artist goes by Kaguyuu.

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