Google and finding my blog?

Its a rather meh feeling when I see people managing to find my semi-private blog on google. If I wanted it to be popular then, well. It makes me wonder if I could make things restricted so you’d have the link to see anything. But at this point and time I doubt it. I don’t know what I hate about this blog being popular, I suppose I don’t want too many people to see my thoughts? Among other things.

But then why did I post this blog up in the first place is thats the case? Well, its late and I need to finish my homework so rush rush to the 200 word count. Have you guys been finishing the rest of Touhou Private Academy doujinshi? It really is great, I don’t have low expectations for things you know? Except people, expect the least from people and you’d be surprised how much they can end up satisfying you.

I really do want to cosplay as someone from Touhou, maybe Tenshi. All the wigs I’ve found are stranges though, only one in every 30 seem to have a decent sense of coloration. The rest I doubt are even made for the character and instead just passed off as such. So many things I want on ebay, so little money.

This art style for today is interesting. I think I like it.


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