I’m supposed to do something for today’s post, but I’m really tired and rather uninspired. At least I’ll make the 200 word quota, somehow. I wonder if I transfer it over and turn it into a essay how much 200 words would produce me. Probably at most two paragraphs. Which is still considerably more then I saw today on tumblr with everyone seeming to use it like it was the new 4chan imageboard.

I wonder what album cover the picture I’m using for this post is. Probably a recent one, I’ll have to check out what event is going on right now. Besides the art being amazing, that’s a beautiful sword of hisou sheath. Life of a celestial huh… Singing and dancing and partying. Repetitiveness gets boring after a while. Yet, I tend to wonder why that is. That view looks beautiful though, the bright sky. You don’t get much of that when your not locked up in school.

It seems like most people think all the good weather happens when they can’t experience it. I just figure that most people just see it that way because they notice the bad things more easily.

So regarding Yugioh, been building Gishkis and I just fell in love with a Touhou Aya Orica, I really, really want it and went crazy several hours back. Maybe I should pay 20$ for it but I’m not sure, online trading is a pain after all and its … not that good of a day, I guess? Who knows, I’d rather spend that money towards other things, like getting a pack of sleeves, yet…

I wonder, Ness-chan said she might get them for me, but I don’t want other people paying for me. It just feels iffy.


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