Hakurei Miko of Paradise

Reimu, Reimu here, Reimu there, Reimu everywhere. A quote commonly used and more fitting for a character such as Flandre who has the spell card that allows her to split into 4 of herself.

Being a aspiring artist such as myself who doesn’t have any tablets. This art-work is amazing, if I could draw something like this then I’d be truly satisfied. Some say you seek to improve yourself as much as possible while others say you shouldn’t end up being too greedy. Either way, it’s a matter of doing what you feel is right, I guess.

Lately, I’ve been promoting old things, and due to my lack of requests I’ll just be going over the usual. My friend asked me how, do I keep people’s attention to my blog? I don’t, is my answer. I just use it to express my thoughts and although I’d like it if people were interested, it’s nothing for me to cry over if people aren’t. I’ll still continue to do it even if no one looks at it. Although I’ll be trying to promote it here and there.

So, today’s promotion of a recent thing. Does anyone remember Touhou Dogfight? The SE or sound effects made that video so much better and I really hope someone does the same for this video.


Touhou MMD, The Strongest Battle. Which like it’s title is suited for what’s going on. Reimu fighting against Cirno. Although I feel like this Reimu is rather cruel, I honestly think its somewhat fitting of canon Reimu yet… hm. Well, just watch it I guess. I have a lot of things to do today, so my post is going to be rather short. Until next time, hopefully I’ll have something more.


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