In class, I wrote the first page of what I was going to type up on my blog. It makes me wonder what kind of a dedicated student I am.  Making my Volcanic deck on DN. I tested it a few times, and with rather poor results. I did some of the nuking I wanted, but it just wasn’t fast enough.  Back to the drawing board?

On another issue, what do you guys think about security? There are people who say to get security you have to trade freedoms. Such as the police who uphold laws. Freedom is great, but its a lot easier to maintain in smallre communities, if we’re all friends then that’d make things easier too. Which requires people to butt-heads first, so shoot some danmaku at each other. Then let’s dance with Chen.


Does anyone know how to add a playlist to my blog? It’d be great if you could listen to music while on here. Although not many people tend to like my taste in music. Its been several days and I got so many views. Thanks for all your continued support.

You know, I haven’t reviewed Doujinshi yet. That’s always important in seeing other people’s fanon views. Let me look though some old ones. If you can read Japanese, you can tell my selection already. Its in the title after all.

Private Touhou Academy

The artist being the forever awesome, Pageratta. The Touhou cast is members of a school and faculty and hilarity ensures. The problem is that unless your a rather in-depth fan, you won’t be able to understand most of the jokes. That’s where I come in, I make things worse by explaining jokes you don’t get because it’s less funny that way. But this definitely gets my recommendation and all of you guys should check it out if you have the free time.


In regards to the first panel,

Batistuta: former professional footballer
John Jose Pierre: Canadian dude

Probably. I didn’t confirm this myself. At any rate, Chen answer seems wrong, seeing how she shot out names that probably had nothing to do with the poem. Ran, being the protective one she is being creepish towards Chen in Fanon and extremely fond of her would go to any means not to make her feel bad. As a result, she completely changed the answer for her. As you can see, she gives Wriggle the death look when she tries to tell the teacher that’s the wrong answer. At any rate, Teacher’s Pet example.

Second panel,

Hakurei Reimu, the near perfect yet lazy Miko. Never fails to succeed in resolving a incident, somewhat. And keep order in Gensokyo. In this doujinshi, she’s the class representive.

Sakuya, perfect maid with the ability to stop / freeze time. In canon, servant to Remilia as the head maid, being almost the sole one to clean up the Scarlet Devil Mansion by herself, a feat only accomplish-able with her ability to stop time and clean. In this doujinshi, she’s a teacher.

In both canon and fanon, Reimu is considered rather poor. She hardly gets humans visiting the shrine, and it’s a common joke to show her in poverty along with her never getting donations. On a side note, her shrine manages to get destroyed every other game. Therefore, poor. As if to show this, the doujinshi panel, shows her getting irritated over Tarou’s reckless money spending. Although to most of us it’s a laughable amount of money, 1 yen converting to around 1 cent. In fanon to someone like Reimu, she’d run across Gensokyo just to pick up a coin dropping. But depending on what fanon you follow, there’s a lot of crazy things, but that’s why Touhou is so great.

Third panel,

Remilia Scarlet, blue hair, pink garments. Vampire, and famous 6th stage boss that’s extremely popular. Being a vampire of 500 age and having a petite figure and child-like appearance. She does have the demeanor of a proper noble/etc. But, fanon seems to like to often put her in a stage of ‘Charisma Break’. Remilia, being often associated with Charisma, in fanon she’s prone to being in situations that put her in Charisma, where she is shown to be acting less proper then usual. Such as crying or other scenerios.

Which is ironic, seeing how in this panel, she has rice stuck in her hair.

The bunny, Reisen. The ability to control madness by using her red eyes and shoot bullet-like danmaku tries to point this out to her, but it’s a failure.

4th panel,

I… suppose one could say that she went off on a tangent. If one were so inclined. Win.

Hina is often spinning in one way or another, well not always. But she’s a youkai that loves humans and attracts misfortune to herself. She drags misfortune from humans to protect them, despite her being a youkai and you know how humans feel about other species. I really don’t need to explain this do I?

5th panel,

Medicine Melancholy, lab teacher. You know what makes me sad? Medicine is one of my most favorite characters and yet she’s so unpopular. If there’s a name most people forget other then PC-98 characters, it’d be Medicine. I suppose that’s because there aren’t any really note worthy MMDs or famous PVs after her.

She has the power to emit/control poison and is associated with Suzuran. A very poisonous flower.

The last panel…

Well, Yuuka/Yuka, depending on which alt spelling you want to go with. Is the green haired one. Due to her dialogue with Shikieiki in Th9, PoFV there are implications that shes actually a sadist. Therefore, in fanon many people portray her as one. Also being a PC-98 character. Yuuka is one of the most powerful Youkai in Gensokyo with magical powers. Her ability is to control flowers and she has a sunflower field etc, etc. Where she resides in.

Marisa, being the thief and second main character she is, basically stole Master Spark from Yuuka.

Flandre, sister of Remilia Scarlet the one sitting behind Reimu in the last panel. Often told by her child-like appearance and unique looking wings. Her power is to be able to destroy generally anything. Just reach out to the eye and clench. Because of that, she’s been locked up in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion for most of her life. But there are suggestions that she does stay there out of choice.

Over all, she’s to put it insane. She’s not really a terrible girl by any means. A very popular character, who’s nice and just wants to play. She’s not very good at controlling her emotions and along with her emotions going in disarray, her powers do too. People would put it simply, she doesn’t know right from wrong. Disregard the fact that there’s no good or evil in this world that’s probably the best way I can think of putting it. She doesn’t know what she does because she never had that interaction with people. Like how not many of us would know not to kill people if we weren’t taught it or learned somehow.

Oh, and your probably wondering about the head in the bag. That’s a yukkuri, typically depicted to be filled with filling. It’s the mascot to put it simply and favorite choice of pet in fanon doujinshi. You’ll see it around a lot. But don’t worry, its cute.

Is this good enough for today’s blog post? Maybe.






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    • Touhou is a series of bullet hell games. Created by Team Shanghai Alice, though many years, the fan base grew and there’s a lot of doujin works on it. The highlights of Touhou is its primarily female cute cast, amazing music, great characters and more.

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