What is this…?

I got the order messed up. I figured, I might as well not restrict myself to a certain idea or character for each chapter and write on whims as long as its good. I did make a start on chapter 3, for the 9th time. This attempt features 133T and Asherpotter. Although, I don’t know how it’ll turn up. The only promise I keep is that Asher will be in chapter 3. No promises on how long it’ll be.

I’ll fit whoever wants to be in, eventually though. Regarding that re-print of Tour Guide… eh, that’s all you need to know your probably off googling if your too slow and haven’t heard of it already.

Tomorrow, if I have time I’ll be featuring the post dedicated to reviewing a Touhou Doujinshi, I hope everyone is excited for that.

What else to put. I’m rather bored that no one sent me a PM, I could do a lot of filler by having a Q&A section.

Question: What deck are you currently running in Yu-gi-oh.

Question: What is your favorite Touhou character…

Etc, just PM anything your interested in, it’ll help me make filler. Even if it has nothing to relate to me, I’ll try to answer it the best I can. What is this…?

It looks like Marisa found something interesting.



2 responses to “What is this…?

  1. I almost cried when I noticed the re-print of Tour Guide (Tourcita ❤ ), but I like the secret version 😀 . Also, my currently deck I running is Wind-Up..love the combo Guide – Shark, Magician – Shark, Hunter – Instant Fusion – Shark hahaha it's pretty awesome 🙂 Btw, I don't know the whole story of Touhou characters 😦 Would be great if u write a fast review about that.

    Random question: How can I send a PM to you?

    • By going into my profile on Pojo there’s a option to send me a PM. I’ll consider doing so, thank you for that idea. However there is around 150 to 200 Touhou characters, so if you want a brief over-view of every character because there’s a lot of canon and fanon depth into each. If your looking for story and setting then I can do that. I’ve been a major fan for almost a decade, I have a lot to say.

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