My attempts to clear up misconceptions.

Zun, the god of Touhou and the creator of the game pretty much. The one sole person. So long story short, he’s been dating a woman for a long time and he already got married with her about 6 months prior to this date. He’s having the wedding ceremony to seal the deal on Reitaisai 9, which means he won’t be showing up to that event which also means no Touhou demo either. From what I heard, he didn’t seem to intend to make it on the same date of Reitaisai where in actuality he chose that date, and Reitaisai seemed to be happened to be hosted on the same date later. And yes, you really don’t want to post pone a wedding ceremony unless your wife says yes, but even that’s a strange thing to ask.

A lot of people say that this is the end of Touhou. Its not. Touhou is eternal, Zun has made no announcements of saying he’ll be quitting the project, nor will Touhou be going to shit either. The fans will always be fans. Oh, and here’s another thing. His wife helped program Touhou games, starting from IN, Imperishable Night Touhou 8. What now.

Its surprising though, I wonder how things will turn out.


70$ dollar budget.

I’m on a 70$ budget, I ask you guys for a request. I can buy one thing, from ebay or Troll and Toad or anything else and I’m not sure what to buy. Last time I bought a Touhou poster, it looks nice and I’m happy with my cheap but beautiful poster. I’m in a spending mood again seeing how I’ve been saving a bit, but I’m not sure what I should buy. I know some people say I shouldn’t spend money on anything except necessities, but living life for the sake of living is a sin in itself. Therefore, time to find some nice luxuries.

I don’t really know what I want to buy though, I’d like it if it was on the cheap side. Although I do say a 70$ budget, unless its a truly good deal I probably won’t spend 70$. I saw a maid outfit on ebay for 25$, but do you honestly expect me to wear something like that? Pfft. Okay you guys would but that’s another issue.

Or maybe I should just save up and see what I can buy later? I don’t know, I need some suggestions. If I could carry it around or wear it, all the better. < Will be amazed if I get a single reply.

Alone on Christmas

Today’s Christmas! What’s that? Feb 27th you say? Well, let’s just pretend its Christmas. So what were you doing home alone during Christmas? Shouldn’t you been out with your friends or going to parties or having fun with family maybe rather then staying on Pojo or reading Marisacache? The answer is no. Otaku life is centered around the internet! Be on it 24/7. Shut out your doors, lock your rooms but if someone extends their arm wanting to be your friend you should really take it. Like seriously, if their that persistent then it has to mean something. It might not be fun at first, but you won’t regret it! Most of the time.

And so, 22$ trial decks, in Vanguard. When will it finally become cheaper. Maybe I should just order some on ebay and then we’ll all be happy then. But then there lies the problem of finding someone to play with. Ah, why can’t I just shoot myself and go to Gensokyo. I’d probably re-incarnate if I don’t go to the Netherworld though.

Even then there’s no promise I’d been in Gensokyo too, or retain my old memories. If I could retain my old memories that’d be nice… Yes, today is a lazy post day because I have homework to not do.

The Top 25 results of the 9th popularity poll / Recommended Music / Tri Fox – Character Profile

[Rank] [Rank 1 poll ago] [Rank 2 polls ago] [Name] [# of Points] [# of 1st Place Votes]

1   1   1   Reimu Hakurei   9583   1999
2   7   6   Alice Margatroid   9265   2094
3   2   4   Sakuya Izayoi   8635   1879
4   4   5   Remilia Scarlet   8205   1677
5   5   3   Marisa Kirisame   8028   1643
6   9   10   Flandre Scarlet   7824   1433
7   3   7   Yuuka Kazami   7289   1571
8   13   13   Youmu Konpaku   7032   1590
9   10   18   Aya Shameimaru   7016   1351
10   8   8   Satori Komeiji   6925   1100
11   6   2   Sanae Kotiya   6880   1555
12   11   9   Fujiwara no Mokou   6129   1224
13   12   11   Yuyuko Saigyouji   6093   1325
14   15   22   Koishi Komeiji   5852   943
15   14   12   Yukari Yakumo   5797   1058
16   16   14   Utsuho Reiuji   4950   784
17   17   16   Patchouli Knowledge   4777   937
18   20   19   Tenshi Hinanawi   4758   686
19   –   –   Mononobe no Futo   4479   398
20   18   24   Nitori Kawashiro   4162   700
21   22   20   Hong Meiling   4114   854
22   31   36   Momizi Inubashiri   3823   671
23   19   15   Byakuren Hijiri   3759   518
24   21   17   Suwako Moriya   3690   623
25   23   23   Cirno   3604   762

Want to know the rest? PM me or google it. It’s easy to find after all.

You know, Alice Margatroid hasn’t done much this past year and yet she’s at the 2nd? That’s almost as surprising as Yuuka being 3rd last year. But I’m not complaining, Alice is one of my most favorite characters. Although the actual surprising part is that she got the #1 most marked. Even surpassing Reimu.

Sanae didn’t do as well as I thought, it’s a shame really. Marisa is 5th between the Scarlet Sisters who are high as usual. Sakuay just got pressed down to 3rd, which is pretty good.

Now looking at TD characters, it looks like only one character made it to the top 25. Mononobe no Futo, who is the 5th stage boss of Ten Desires.

Nothing seems too unusual about this though. It does raise some questions if popularity polls mean anything at all though.

You guys know I always take requests if you want a certain day to contain a certain post you know?

Oh, but don’t forget that the 9th popularity poll is for the English / Non Japan community. The rest of the Ten Desires group is way down in the polls. I’ve been talking to people and they seemingly been taking a while to warm up to the characters, but I guess that’s only natural.


Time to pick up a few albums of C78. This is my recommendation.

Yes, it’s a song not a album. I feel like this song has a really beautiful melody and although people aren’t always fond of vocals with Touhou music I’m sure most people will like this.

I also found myself getting more used too Screamo music. Although I always prefer music without it, I don’t really mind anymore. I guess that’s a + for Foreground Eclipse. You know your doing it right if I don’t end up minding.


Tri Fox – Character Profile

A school teacher and a cook as well. Being a school teacher she can be quite strict, but usually over-looks most things. Having a obsession with animals, she often takes care of them in private. Hardly ever the center of attention she’s usually quiet at times and tends to pop up out of no where from time to time. She’s Joenen’s older sister despite them not looking similar.

Along with being nimble, her combat ability nearly unrivaled. Being able to control the earth around her to her will and materialize nearby objects into her hand makes her suitable to fighting in nearly every environment.

Stubborn and Blunt, most people end up not liking her at first. But she helps everyone out without even being asked. Fainting a few times per week due to over-work, her sister pleads her to take it easy once and a while.

Yuri in Touhou

I like this picture. Can anyone remind me what doujin this is from? Well, at any rate Touhou as a mostly all female cast. Outside of fanon material, all canon games don’t contain a single male character. Maybe by mention, but you don’t actually see any. Of course, back during IN’s release there was a lot of talk about Wriggle maybe being a guy until ZUN said otherwise.

The few guys there are contain the ever popular Rinnosuke and less known ones such as Youki and such.

However, seeing how there’s a all female cast, a lot of fanon materials have been prone to depicting everyone in Gensokyo as gay in some way. Of course, in terms of Touhou people don’t consider this strange, it’s actually really cute.

However, sad to say there’s no actual canon evidence to support any kind of love relationships between any characters. Marisa and Reimu might be the closest seeing how their friends who always try to resolve the incidents but that’s about as close as they get.

And then in Fanon you get completely strange pairings, Genji x Zombie Fairy. Okay, that’s a exaggeration but I wouldn’t mind reading about that.

Alarm is going off, and I’m at the 200 word count. Until next time.

My votes for 9th Popularity Poll

Is anyone up for a match of Hisoutensoku? It’s been a long time since I practiced.


Tenshi (2)

It was very hard to pick just 5. However, it was undeniably easy to pick my marked one. Tenshi, it had to be Tenshi. Not to mention I personally seemingly became more of a masochist myself, but that’s another story.


Tenshi, cute and somewhat flat chested but enough to tell that its actually a girl despite the fact that she’s a Touhou character. My main in Hisoutensoku and SWR and containing my favorite 3 cost spell card. With long blue hair and a beautiful outfit, I just had to pick Tenshi this time.

Yuuka, she’s always been one of my favorites. Even though I pretty much love all of them. Either her kind caring fanon side or her hint hint, sadistic fanon/canon side. They all show to make a entertaining and hilarious character that I wish I could get more of. The best part is if she’s in a romance and then I can’t wait to find out what happens next when artists draw her.

Rumia, So~ nanoka~. Darkness youkai, although not many people favorites because Stage 1 bosses are usually ignored unless the play some kind of major part. Playful and sometimes depicted as childish. Her serious side, EX-side, intelligent side, or basically Trollololol side, I love them all.

Alice, AlixMari / MarixAli is and will always be the best pairing for me. It’s a classic the two magicians being together. It’s a shame its nothing canon for the most they did was get involved with each other in a multitude of games such as PCB, IaMP, IN, SWR and so on. I haven’t seen many of this pairing too much lately, its a shame. I’d love to see Alice try to express her love more later though.

Reimu, always the first and the main character. Poverty or Troll Reimu from Shino’s perspective. Always the center of attention and seemingly the most saddened one out of all of them if you think about what she has to go though.

There was many who I easily considered, such as Koishi and Marisa. But I sadly can’t fit all of them in my vote. So maybe next time.

Did you vote for the 9th popularity poll?

Have you guys done your duty and voted in the 9th Touhou Popularity Polls? I’m pretty sure it closes voting by Friday, Eastern U.S time. these popularity polls are purely western voters though, I think or am I confusing it with something else. Well either way, last time in our 8th popularity polls the top 5 were like this.

#1 Reimu Hakurei

No surprise there, she is the main character after all.

#2 Sakuya Izayoi

She always scores high along with Reimu.

#3 Yuuka Kazami

One of my favorite characters, although I was surprised she scored so high. Her x Wriggle = So cute.

#4 Remilia Scarlet

Always has been popular and has been charismatic.

#5 Marisa Kirisame

I think she was 3rd place last time, she dropped to 5th.


Regarding music, Remilia’s theme has always been in first. I can’t help but feel like Sanae will be scoring higher in the rankings perhaps she’ll make 2nd or 3rd. I hope. Last time she made 6th.

The voting goes like this. A voter submits his/her e-mail address and votes for 5 characters, and marks one. The marked character gets 2 points while the other 4 gets one points. The votes are counted and you should know the rest. Its submitted and its nice to see how the characters are rated.

Rank Last Two Prior Name Points 1st Place Votes
1 1 1 Reimu Hakurei 8175 1839
2 4 2 Sakuya Izayoi 7246 1602
3 7 9 Yuuka Kazami 7192 1457
4 5 5 Remilia Scarlet 6920 1375
5 3 3 Marisa Kirisame 6750 1407
6 2 4 Sanae Kochiya 6466 1458
7 6 8 Alice Margatroid 6373 1427
8 8 13 Satori Komeiji 6113 871
9 10 12 Flandre Scarlet 5961 1052
10 18 11 Aya Shameimaru 5620 1144
11 9 7 Fujiwara no Mokou 5349 1027
12 11 10 Yuyuko Saigyouji 5293 1172
13 13 15 Youmu Konpaku 5201 1122
14 12 6 Yukari Yakumo 5180 926
15 22 35 Koishi Komeiji 4827 706
16 14 28 Utsuho Reiuji 4736 687
17 16 14 Patchouli Knowledge 4298 856
18 24 25 Nitori Kawashiro 4090 631
19 15 Byakuren Hijiri 4001 447
20 19 19 Tenshi Hinanawi 3947 547
21 17 17 Suwako Moriya 3776 595
22 20 22 Hong Meiling 3450 654
23 23 18 Cirno 3196 658
24 32 26 Reisen Udongein Inaba 3150 558
25 29 27 Hina Kagiyama 3107 529
26 31 21 Ran Yakumo 3008 634
27 25 Nazrin 2886 318
28 27 20 Suika Ibuki 2775 347
29 28 16 Iku Nagae 2738 341
30 30 23 Keine Kamishirasawa 2718 413
31 36 29 Momiji Inubashiri 2603 403
32 35 37 Parsee Mizuhashi 2580 368
33 33 30 Kaguya Houraisan 2578 472
34 21 Kogasa Tatara 2561 241
35 26 24 Shikieiki Yamaxanadu 2486 369
36 37 Shou Toramaru 2399 377
37 38 38 Rumia 2373 471
38 41 Nue Houjuu 2314 212
39 34 32 Kanako Yasaka 2172 360
40 46 34 Rin Kaenbyou 2021 263
41 39 31 Komachi Onozuka 1939 296
42 Hatate Himekaidou 1926 133
43 40 39 Mystia Lorelei 1832 358
44 42 33 Eirin Yagokoro 1680 241
45 51 46 Renko Usami 1639 205
46 46 49 Minoriko Aki 1615 206
47 52 52 Daiyousei 1613 246
48 48 50 Shizuha Aki 1576 210
49 45 40 Rinnosuke Morichika 1558 408
50 42 Minamitsu Murasa 1556 153

These are the results from the 8th popularity poll.