One Sunny Day…


Ness and company was sitting next to a tree in the afternoon.

Skull: “Hey.. uhm. Don’t you think it’ll be best to return to class?”

Redshift: “… Don’t you think its a crime to stay trapped in a classroom forced to do math equations on such a nice day?”

Ness: Although, it was a bit much to tie Skull to the tree like that…”

Redshift: Eheh, guess it was just a force of habit.

Skull: Let me go, you jerk!

*Ignoring Skull*

Ness: It’s amazing how you manage to get perfect scores on examinations without even attending the classes.

Redshift: Umu, I guess you could just say its in my nature.

Ness: So why didn’t you want to be Skull’s room-mate?

Redshift: … Young lady, are you trying to tempt me?  A cute girl like that, sharing a room with me? What am I supposed to do when she gtes out of the bath in her pajamas and says, “Ahhh! That felt nice.”

Ness: Just act normal, I guess?

Redshift: Can I do her?

Ness: … No! That’s not normal at all.

Redshift: This is normal for me.

Ness: Dangerous, really dangerous.

Redshift: Umu, are you feeling lonely? If you want you could jump into anego’s bosom.

Ness: No thanks… Guess we’ll find someone else then.

Redshift: That’s probably for the best.


3 responses to “One Sunny Day…

  1. Okay …so i’m the first on comment :). It was really funny when I read this post and I remembered that’s “characters” are Pojo’s users xD. Also, I readed ur other works like this one. In other words, I thinking.. I’m a huge fan of u o.o..just keep writing in this way, funny and clever :)…btw I’m from Ecuador 😛 Un saludo desde aqui 😉

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