Yu-Gi-Oh Meta Thoughts + Touhou Communities

That feeling when you stay at school for about 4 hours.  You tend to realize how your the only one there surrounded by no one except janitors cleaning the rooms. Disregard the sports teams, and a few other clubs there’s really little reason for people to stay if they have a proper house to go back too. With that said, its a really creepy feeling when you can’t see anything and things could jump out at you then kidnap you. Dunnn, dunnn… dunnnnn!

Might as well make this one YuGiOh related. Now, I’m not the best person to go for this stuff, but I feel like I can hold my own. So, let’s look at the two hyped up decks of the format. Inzektors and Wind-ups. To be honest, Inzektors can’t do much if you disrupt their plays, and I’ll be honest that’s very easy to do. However their like a upgraded version of Dragunity as when you don’t inter-rupt their plays they have a lot of options to them. It’s rather predictable what they’ll do after a while though. Do I think deck has potential? Yes, a lot of it. Will it be the top deck? To be honest, you’ll have to wait for results, but I don’t think it’ll live up to all of how much people are hyping it.

Next, regarding Wind-ups. My main concern here is the splash-able hand-loop engine. It requires a few amount of cards for deadly effects. Other then that, outside of minor swarm capabilities, the deck really doesn’t do too much regarding control or aggro. Flexibilty is what they have, but their lacking in pretty much every other aspect.

Ninjas, well how about them. I see a lot of potential for these guys. But it’s somewhat of a love-hate relationship. I’d like to put forth the idea of a lot of hybrids seeing how Hanzo opens up a lot of plays regarding other types. They aren’t anything amazing though, so I’ve seen. White Night Ninja and Safe Zone is still annoying to get over though.

Well, that’s pretty much it regarding Yu-gi-oh. Remember, continue to play LS the most fun deck there is. Even though fun is subjective.

Next, since there’s going to be a Touhou related picture, there has to be Touhou related content in my post. Let me just say that for anyone who’d like a place to just generally discuss Touhou content, then a few good sites would be ones like Doujinstyle, Gensokyo or 4chan/jp. Yes 4chan is a good place for Touhou related content. You heard me. Gensokyo doesn’t accept piracy so, it’s a shame for you guys. As long as you don’t mention that you probably do pirate, then it’ll be fine, maybe.

Again, I apologize to Asherpotter, and everyone else. I’ve been a bit hectic lately, seeing how I’m doing things like updating my blog when I should be working on various projects and studying for huge exams tomorrow. I’ll get to it don’t worry.

If your still reading this, try checking out Cardfight!! Vanguard. It’s really not that bad once you realize it actually takes skill. It really, really, does. Somewhat.

Looks like, I posted up a Youmu x Yuyuko picture today. Yuri love <3, forever.


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